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Series: Argyle Community Association

Argyle Community Association

The Argyle community association evolved out of the City of London Strengthening Neighbourhoods Strategy.  This initiative was started by former Mayor Fontana early in his mandate.  The Strengthening Neighbourhoods committee and Argyle Community committee amalgamates to form the Association. The Argyle Community Association has been active since 2010, although they have several members who have been community activists since 1990.

Programming, Initiatives and Partnerships

The Argyle Community Association is working to improve their neighbourhood including improving the economic prospects and  erasing the sigma of living "east of Adelaide".  Their focus is encouraging their 1300 plus members to become involved within the community.  This includes activities such as their Santa Claus parade on Dec. 3 2015 as well as lobbying local politicians about the construction of a new community centre and other infrastructure projects that the group feels have been neglected for over fifty years.

The association has two significant initiatives that they consider to be major achievements for the community.  The first is the building of the barrier wall on Veterans Memorial Parkway.  This initiative took a significant amount of time and effort. The second initiative is lobbying related to the purchase of a property at 193 Clarke Road and the subsequent proposal to change the zoning designation to allow a group home.  This designation was not consistent with city plans and was rejected by the previous council by a 14-0 vote. The purchaser appealed to the OMB, and the appeal was denied. At the last meeting of the Argyle Community Association, they were informed that the purchaser was installing improvements such as security cameras which are more consistent with a type one group home.

The association partners with the Argyle Family Centre located at Lord Nelson public school. They hope to resurrect the Argyle memories project.

Getting Involved

The Argyle Community Association's geographical boundaries are east of Highbury Ave. North to Oxford street including Fanshawe college, South  
to the Thames river and east to the city limits.  These boundaries are exactly the same as the Argyle Planning district.

The Argyle Community Association can be found on Twitter at @ArgyleCommAssoc, as well as on Facebook, and They meet the fourth Wednesday of the month.  The group currently has a great need for citizens to serve on their Board of Directors as they are currently short at least three directors. 

This article is part of a series on neighbourhood associations in London, Ontario.