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Series: SoHo Community Association

South of Horton (SoHo) Community Association

SoHo Community Association Logo
SoHo (which stands for South of Horton) is an up and coming neighbourhood just south of downtown. Our boundaries are the CN Rail tracks to the North; The Thames River marks the West & South boundaries and Adelaide St. to the east.  SoHo is surrounded by other great neighbourhoods: Old South, Woodfield, Hamilton Road, Old East Village and of course Downtown!  Renamed from St. David's Ward, the community association was put in place to assist residents and act as neighbourhood advisers for the city.  Together, a plan for the future was set in place to regenerate the neighbourhood and thus, The Roadmap to SoHo was created.

Programming and Initiatives

The group meets monthly during the school year on the third Wednesday of each month at 7pm in the basement of Maple View Terrace.  Each year SoHo holds an annual yard sale, called Junk in the Trunk, in June and a Community Picnic at the end of summer. In the spring they applied for Non Profit status and started a social Enterprise with the SoHo Market, which runs till Thanksgiving weekend. The SoHo market, in partnership with Goodwill Industries, started up a farmer's market  to bring fresh food into our food desert neighbourhood, for half the year. It's been an exciting adventure working with citizens, vendors & community partners. The last market date of this season will be October 9th. 

This past year SoHo held a very successful Jane's Walk, highlighting some of SoHo's history, such as the London Roundhouse, The Fugitive Slave Chapel and the Victoria Hospital lands. They rallied with Architectural Conservancy of Ontario  to save 3/7 of the remaining hospital buildings. Further, they moved an entire building, from downtown to SoHo, placing the Fugitive Slave Chapel on the same property as it's daughter church. The FSC will become a museum for black history.  Western University students are studying Public History in SoHo, finding out more about other heritage buildings and who lived in them. 

The group does regular tree drives with Reforest London and have planted food in their edible park (Meredith Park) with the assistance of the city & other active citizens and groups such as Food Not Lawns.  SoHo is getting a whole infrastructure make-over as decided in the Roadmap to SoHo. Much of the neighbourhood has been dug up over the summer and is now being revealed as a fresh new playing field. Last fall they sponsored a Civic Engagement events called London VOICE, that encouraged citizens to find more ways to be active in their community.  They are part of an initiative called SoHo Clean & Green that is focused on our environment and also participate in the Thames River Clean Up

Moving forward, the group has requested needle bins for Harrison Park and will also be applying for grants to construct a gazebo or stage to remember one of SoHo's most famous residents; Richard B Harrison.

Community Partnerships

The SoHo Community Association relies heavily on the resources and wisdom from their community. They are members of Urban League London and learn from all of London's community associations. Within SoHo they have developed important relationships with other non profits and charities; such as Goodwill, The Salvation Army- Centre of Hope,  The Boy's and Girl's Club, N'Amerind, Beth Emmanuel Church and Childreach, to name a few. 

City wide, SoHo connects with Reforest London, Pillar Non Profit, Neighbourhood Watch, The London Police & the LLFPA. They have a great working relationship with our Ward 13 Councilor, Tanya Park, as she was their President before being elected to City Council! Many SoHo businesses go out of their way to support the neighbourhood, such as Digital Ellipsis, Edgar & Joe's, Organic Works, Femme Force Fitness and John's Fruit. 

Getting Involved

SoHo Community Association serves the area bordered by the CN railway on the North, Adelaide Street on the east, and the Thames River on the south and west.

You can visit their website at

If you are interested in getting involved with the Association, you are welcome to join them for a meeting, or contact for more information.

You can follow the group on social media as well:

Twitter: @SoHoLdnOnt  |  @soho_market
Facebook:  SoHo Community Association  |  SoHo Market
Instagram: soho_London

This article is part of a series on neighbourhood associations in London, Ontario.